Procedure – Covid 19

Policy / Procedure for Guests / Clients

• ALL Clients entering the spa must be screened including Clients coming in for
treatments, products, price-list or a general query.
• Screening means- Testing the client’s Temperature and completing a screening form/
Contact Tracing (Symptoms- Fever, Cough, Sore Throat, Redness of Eyes, Shortness of
• Step 1 – Sanitize the Hands
• Step 2 -Test Temperature
• Step 3- Fill and Sign the screening form
• The manger must check the form before assisting the
• If the Temperature is 37.5 or above degrees the treatment cannot
be performed
• Clients must wear face masks/cloth on Entering/leaving spa and during treatment for
personal safety. Should the client wish to not wear a mask/face cloth during the course of
the treatment, this is at their own risk/ client assumes Risk / Liability for any aftermath
that may occur.
• Treatments are booked via appointment only to allow for
sanitizing of the treatment room Pre and post treatments
• Social Distance Floor Decals Installed with 1meter Spacing
• Perspex Screen installed
• Covid Awareness Signage installed
• Individual COVID checklist completed for every new visit
• When taking payment – sanitizer to be pumped into the
client’s hands , before they touch the credit card machine
• Employee to sanitize their hands immediately after
taking payment and offer client Sanitizing on leaving the spa.
• The Spa is on a 50% capacity for both staff roster and bookings to assist in reducing the

Procedure -Covid 19 – Employees

• All Surfaces to be cleaned several times per Day
• Pre screen for underlaying conditions as well as screening every 3 hours
• Training on Covid 19 awareness and Procedures
• Phased in Work, Amended Shifts work to ensure minimal
employees are on shift at once.
• Appointed a Covid Office-1 per shift
• ALL Employees entering the spa must be screened
• Screening means- Test the Temperature, the employee
must fill and sign in the screening for symptoms (Symptoms- Fever, Cough, Sore Throat,
Redness of Eyes, Shortness of Breath, if they travel to any high Risk countries in)
• Step 1 – pump sanitizer into the hands
• Step 2 -Test the employees Temperature
• Step 3- employee fill in and sign in the screening
form multiple times during the day
• The manager must check the form before allowing the employee to start work
• If the employees temperate is above 37.5- kindly inform them they cannot enter into
work and to go home and rest or ask them to see a doctor.
• Employees must inform the manger/covid office while at work or before coming to workif they have any of 2 symptoms
COVID 19 May present itself as the following symptoms- body aches, loss of smell, loss
of taste, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue & Tiredness
• When an employee are in-between treatments or on
lunch social distancing 1m apart from each other is
maintained. No sharing of eating utensils.
• Employees Must Wash & Sanitize their hands with the
hand wash and sanitizer provided several times a day. Wipe hand with the tissue roll and
throw away the tissue roll paper into the bin.
• Temperature and symptom screening will done on arrival and departure.
• If the temperature is above 37.5 degrees the employee will be instructed not to work &
will be asked go home to rest and see a Doctor.
• Employees Must Report to the Mangers whom are also the Covid Officers if they are
unwell 1 day before their shift or as soon as they feel sick
• Uniforms are cleaned and washed daily
• Hands are Washed and sanitize before and after every
• Fresh Gloves are worn for each new clients for used ones are disposed of appropriately.
• Hair is tied back to avoid touching.
• Staff face cloth/ mask must be worn at all times & Washed Daily
• Every employee must clean and sanitize all equipment and products before and after
providers using such tools
• Personal Protective Equipment such as Mask, Gloves & Sanitiser are utilised by staff


• After each client-All Linen are changed and bagged for laundry.
• A paper towel applied to bed prior to treatment for comfort
• All surfaces are sanitized including (door handle inside and out, door itself, cupboard
door handles, inside and outside of the cupboards, all shelves , treatment beds including
under the bed , breathing hole, walls and switches)
• Floors cleaned and all surfaces cleaned between every client using medical grade
required detergents purchased from reputable sources. All documents available for
• Rooms sprayed down Pre and post treatments
• There is no sharing equipment or products while treatments have commenced
• All Equipment are washed, sanitized and placed
inside the UV Sani Cabinet for 8 hours.
• Sanitizing of all product bottles, including nail polish/Gel
bottles after every treatment
• A Wax Sheet used for any Body Waxing& sanitized after
every client
• Check on the client’s comfort levels during the treatment

General Procedure -Covid 19

• All Product Bottles are washed and sanitized after each use
• All equipment are sanitized after each use
• Tools and equipment are placed within the UV Sanitizer Cabinet
• No Sharing of Tools occur
• Disposable Tissue, Sanitizer and hand wash Are placed in every bathroom
• A Bin placed next to the wash basin, this bin must be emptied every 3 hours.
• Disposable paper towels made available at The wash basins
• All taps head, Toilet Flushers and Door Handles are sanitized every hour
• Bins are emptied several times Daily and taken to the Waste Disposable Area
• A full fresh set of towels for every client regardless of the treatment.
• Rooms are sprayed down Pre and post treatments

These Protocols are in place for the safety of both staff and guests and are gazetted by
The council of Hairdressers of which the beauty industry falls under.
We take pride and care in making sure that our Spa Space is comfortable and made
COVID Safe for staff and Guests.
Should you wish to advise/suggest anything in particular, we would be happy to be
informed. Kindly email:

Spa Royale COVID 19 Hygiene Protocol