Green spa

Sustainability is a growing concern in our current climate. We at Spa Royale are focused on being aware of our environment and educating ourselves on what can be done to reduce wastage and consumption, and improve on sustainability. This is the way forward to ensure a happier, healthier planet. Spa Royale takes it’s commitment seriously and has carefully put in place new measures to address sustainability. Proving that the change starts here, with each person and company, in making a difference.

Out with facial mittens/non-biodegradable sponges and in with 100% recyclable toweling material that not only provides a hygienic option but due to being manufactured by pure wood fibers makes it completely eco-friendly.
Out with buying small quantities and in with buying bulk to reduce wastage.
Out with using plastic wraps and in with using biodegradable wraps instead.
Out with bottle water thus reducing wastage. We also ensure our wastage is separated into recyclable groups.
Saving energy is also a growing concern and we will contribute to conservation by reducing energy consumption on laundry, and rather invest in a biodegradable option.
All detergents used are also green and safe.

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