Chin R50

Upper Lip R50

Eyebrow R65

Underarm R90

Standard Bikini R150

G-string R140

Full Bikini R195

Gents Full Arm R160

Gents Full Leg R230

Gents Half Leg R160

Gents Back R230

Gents Chest or Stomach R140

Ladies Full Face includes Neck R160

Ladies Full Arm R160

Ladies Full Leg R120

Ladies half leg R155

Ladies Back R150

We recommend no exfoliation or extreme sun exposure prior to and at least a day after wax treatments. Soothing emollient can be applied to reduce post effects. Erythema and hive like effects can be expected with waxing.


Full Face incl. Jawline R195

Chin R50

Upper Lip R50

Eyebrow R65